About us

The Screen Diversity and Inclusion Network (SDIN) is a network of broadcasters, screen funding agencies, business associations, guilds and industry-aligned education and training organisations who have committed to work together towards a more inclusive and diverse screen industry.

The SDIN actively seeks to improve the diversity of the talent that shapes Australian content, and the types of stories that are reflected on our screens.

The SDIN recognises that our storytellers should be drawn from the widest possible talent pool, and the screen industry should draw on a range of backgrounds, influences and experiences in generating Australian screen culture.

What we do

The SDIN is committed to reflecting Australian society by progressing diversity objectives and addressing barriers to inclusion in the sector. SDIN members can make change, particularly when working together. The Network offers a forum for sharing ideas on initiatives and approaches; encourages partnerships between members; and will set targets and evaluate progress via on-going data collection. All data will be anonymised and reported in aggregate.

One of the key tenets of the SDIN is that change needs to happen with participation and engagement from the whole sector, with an understanding that effective responses to issues of underrepresentation need to be industry-wide, long-term and adequately resourced.

The SDIN draws on good practice from international models, such as the UK’s broadcaster-led Creative Diversity Network and its measurement system Project Diamond.

Why Diversity Matters