Everyone Counts: Preliminary data on diversity in the Australian screen industry from The Everyone Project

Everyone Counts is the first report using data on diversity in the Australian screen industry collected through The Everyone Project. Using an online tool for registration of screen productions and a voluntary demographic survey, The Everyone Project is a groundbreaking initiative aiming to capture the diversity of all cast and crew in TV and film in Australia – from extras through to on-screen leads; producers through to runners; and camera departments through to hair and make-up; working on productions ranging from reality TV through to documentaries and feature films.

Diversity and inclusion matter – on our screens and across our organisations and industries. The Screen Diversity and Inclusion Network urges everyone in the Australian screen industry to put up their hand and be counted.

Caution should be used in generalising these first release findings to the industry or using them to draw conclusions or set benchmarks. The Everyone Project’s journey has only just begun. As more screen projects and their cast and crew join The Everyone Project, the data quality will improve and the picture of diversity in the Australian screen industry will come into sharper focus. In the meantime, the Everyone Counts report draws on existing industry research to provide context and nuance to these preliminary high-level findings.

Why Diversity Matters