Why Diversity Matters

Australian people, stories and audiences are hugely diverse

The 2021 Census reported that more than a quarter of the Australian population was born overseas, and just under half were children of overseas-born parents.1 Almost a fifth identify as living with a disability.Around a third live outside major cities. And just over one in ten identify as having a non-‘straight’ sexuality or gender identity.4 Our streets and communities reflect this lived experience of everyday diversity but our screens still lag behind, as does the profile of those working behind the scenes.

SDIN recognises that screen content is a hugely influential and important shaper of Australian culture. The SDIN is seeking to offer audiences a richer and more reflective picture of contemporary Australia, our histories and our place in the world.

The SDIN also recognises that organisations, culture and creativity benefit from diversity. Not only does an inclusive culture and workforce ensure the greatest possible pool of talent and sources of inspiration, but diversity amongst decision makers and creatives has been established as benefitting innovation, widening audiences and building stronger industries.

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