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Today, the Screen Diversity and Inclusion Network (SDIN) and Screen Producers Australia (SPA) are pleased to co-announce the five finalists of the annual Screen Diversity & Inclusion Award, with the winner being announced at the beginning of the 22nd Annual SPA Awards. The prestigious Awards ceremony will take place at The Star Gold Coast on Thursday, 21 March 2024, as part of SCREEN FOREVER 38.

This year’s finalists are Erotic Stories produced by Lingo Pictures, First Inventors produced by Ronde Media, In Our Blood produced by Hoodlum Entertainment, Limbo produced by Bunya Productions, Marungka Tjalatjunu (Dipped in Black) produced by Switch Productions and Other Pictures, and finally Strait to the Plate (S2) produced by Lone Star Production Group.

The SDIN Award recognises an Australian-based project, producer and/or production company and/or screen organisation that has made a significant contribution through excellence or impact to diversity and inclusion either on or offscreen within the Australian screen industry.

“We are thrilled with the entries for this year’s SDIN Award. The shortlist, including The First Inventors, Marungka Tjalatjunu (Dipped in Black), Erotic Stories, Limbo, and In Our Blood, tell bold new Australian stories on screen. They inspire, educate, and entertain us, and challenge stereotypes along the way. We are pleased with the strong pool of contenders and at the important strides made by network members in giving under-represented groups the opportunity to tell their own stories and see themselves reflected on screen.” said Olivia Khoo, SDIN Co-Chair.

“The SDIN is pleased to announce the SDIN Award finalists and thank the Awards Jury for their time in selecting projects that actively push the boundaries of representation on our screens for under-represented and historically excluded groups, as well as strive towards better industry practices off-screen, too. We look forward to celebrating the winner of the SDIN Award at SCREEN FOREVER 38,” said Loani Arman, SDIN Co-Chair.

The winner will be announced by both SDIN Co-Chairs at the upcoming SPA Awards, which are the 22nd incarnation of the prestigious Awards ceremony, which continues to celebrate excellence in the screen production industry. Entry to the ceremony and Gala Party is included in a SCREEN FOREVER 38 Gold Coast Pass.

SPA has released a limited number of tickets to the ceremony for SPA members and non-members, not registered as Gold Coast pass holders to SCREEN FOREVER 38, providing an enticing opportunity to anyone with a passion for storytelling to celebrate Australian stories on screen.

The SPA Awards tickets will also include entry into the SCREEN FOREVER Gala Party to be held immediately following the Awards Ceremony.

With limited tickets remaining, delegates are encouraged to register early to secure their spot at


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